Experienced Business Transaction Attorney

Successful business owners rely on sound legal counsel to handle transactional and contractual matters efficiently and cost-effectively. Whether you are just starting your first business or require the on-going support of experienced outside counsel to protect your interests in business transactions, turn to attorney Paul M. Vargas of Vargas Law, APC. Offices are located in El Segundo, Riverside and Orange County, serving business owners throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

The firm provides legal counsel for businesses and their owners, directors, officers, and employees for business and employee transactions.

Services provided include:

  • Entity formation and structuring or transactions
  • Contract drafting
  • Employment manual and policy reviews
  • Corporate governance requirements
  • Business reorganizations

In addition to those business transactions, Vargas Law, APC, provides:

Intellectual property services for copyrights and trademarks from registrations, renewals, filings and licensing. Attorney Paul M. Vargas understands clients' necessity to start or strengthen their brand, and helps meet those objectives.

Business And Consumer Debt Collection

The firm can also assist clients with consumer and business post-judgment debt collection.

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