Lawyer For Protecting Your Business' Intellectual Property

Your trade secrets, copyrights and trademark are the lifeblood of your business. You may have spent years developing a process, writing the specifications or building your brand. In a matter of days or weeks, unscrupulous competitors or former employees can steal everything you have worked for, if you aren't properly protected through the courts.

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Protect your bottom line. Call attorney Paul M. Vargas, Esq. at Vargas Law, APC, to discuss ways you can use copyright, trademark, service mark and confidentiality agreements to protect your business interests.

The Right Intellectual Property Lawyer To Protect Your Most Important Asset

Attorney Vargas has experience across a wide range of services for intellectual property (IP) protection, including:

  • Applying for copyright protection on written or digitally produced materials
  • Licensing agreements
  • Trademark searches and registration for logos, marketing slogans and branding materials
  • Service mark protection for processes and applications
  • Employee and contractor confidentiality agreement and agreements not to compete

Do You Know Whether Your IP Is Protected By Law?
Many business owners aren't certain whether they need to register their products, published works, manufacturing or installation processes, marketing materials or brand for a copyright or trademark. The law automatically protects some published efforts, but the rules are vague and open to interpretation in the event of a dispute. Don't make assumptions. It makes sense to talk to an experienced lawyer.

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