Lawyer To Resolve State And Federal Tax Controversies

Are you a Los Angeles area resident or business owner who has received an official letter from the IRS or the California tax authorities notifying you of an impending audit? Are you unable to meet the terms of an installment plan you previously worked out with state or federal tax officials? Is your Southern California business facing litigation over employment tax trust deposits?

Hearing from the IRS or state tax authorities can create a moment of panic in anyone. Before you respond to the notice, your best option is to talk to an experienced tax lawyer. Call attorney Paul M. Vargas, Esq. at Vargas Law, APC. Attorney Vargas has helped business owners and individuals resolve complex tax controversies for more than 10 years. From three convenient offices locations in El Segundo, Riverside and Orange County, he represents clients in state and federal tax disputes in Los Angeles County and throughout the LA metro area.

A Law Firm Ready To Help You With Any Tax Assessment Or Litigation Problem

Attorney Vargas has experience aggressively representing clients in IRS audits and litigation in tax court, including:

  • Deficiency judgments, liability for uncollected income and business taxes
  • Business and payroll tax controversies
  • Offers in compromise settlement negotiations to reduce total taxes due
  • Tax workouts, installment plan repayment schedules
  • Innocent spouse relief
  • Self employment tax disputes
  • Tax court representation

Tax Planning Strategies For Business Owners
Applying more than a decade of business law and litigation experience in tax court, attorney Vargas also offers sound legal counsel for applying business tax planning and asset preservation strategies.

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If you have received a notice of pending audit or other letter from the IRS or California tax authorities, don't ignore it. The problem will not go away on it's own and the longer you wait, the more difficult a resolution becomes.

Call attorney Paul M. Vargas at 310-598-1546 or send an email with a brief description of your tax dispute or litigation matter.