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Receiving a notice about an outstanding tax issue is cause for concern and taking prompt action to address the matter is important to limiting potential penalties and liability. At Vargas Law, I represent individuals and businesses in the Los Angeles area in a wide variety of tax representation and litigation matters. I have 15 years of experience assisting companies and individual taxpayers with finding solutions to their tax issues by identifying their options and helping them understand which one is most likely to resolve their concerns. Whether you need to avoid a tax penalty, to appeal a tax assessment or you’re looking for assistance in setting up an installment agreement, I will strongly represent your interests and do everything possible to secure the best possible outcome.

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When allegations of delinquency are made or a tax audit is demanded, the situation can become dire and potentially lead to levies, wage garnishment and property liens. I understand how overwhelming the state and federal tax systems can be and offer my clients strong representation that focuses on finding ways to control the consequences of delinquencies, including taking your case to U.S. Tax Court, if appropriate. My goal is to reduce penalties and prevent the seizure of your assets and wages to pay outstanding taxes. I am dedicated to leveling the playing field by providing an effective tax collection defense and giving you a fair opportunity to defend your case. 

Knowledgeable counselor negotiates to reduce your tax liability

An unfavorable tax assessment by the IRS or another revenue authority can leave you with a high tax bill. You do have the right to appeal the tax assessor’s findings. The tax system is not easily understood, and missing one deadline can kill your right to contest the tax authority’s decision. One of the options available to reduce tax liability and secure a workable payment plan is the Offer in Compromise process, which allows taxpayers to apply to settle a tax bill for less than the amount owed. As your tax attorney, I will assess whether this program is appropriate for your situation and, if it isn’t, offer alternatives. My detailed understanding of the tax laws will allow me to develop the strongest possible response to your case. 

Dedicated advocate provides thorough review of your tax obligations

California’s tax system is one of the more complex, which can make the seemingly simple task of filing a standard tax return a challenging process. This complexity is why I offer consultations to assess tax liability for a given year, help with preparing returns and represent taxpayers in front of state and federal tax authorities. If you have questions about your taxes, I will review your case and give you dependable information that allows you to make sound decisions. 

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