Experienced Tax Attorney in Riverside CA

Vargas Law and its lead attorney, Paul Vargas, handle all types of tax dispute and consultation matters throughout Riverside County. As a tax attorney in Riverside CA, Mr. Vargas represents all clients in Riverside County with matters before the IRS, Franchise Tax Board, Board of Equalization, Employer Development Department, and the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration. Please contact our local Riverside County office.

Tax Attorney in Riverside CA – Tax Representation Services

The following is a list of the general tax representation services provided by Vargas Law:

  1. Tax Returns: we offer Tax Preparation for current and prior (unfilled) tax years for individuals and businesses;
  2. Tax Collection Representation: we represent clients before the IRS and other government tax authorities so that they understand your account and will set up installment agreements with you;
  3. Tax Removal: Offer in Compromise Applications; Penalty Abatements; Audit Reconsiderations; tax return amendments; and Collection Due Process Hearings;
  4. Tax Levy, Lien Disputes, or Garnishment;
  5. Tax Audit Representation: IRS and other government tax authority Audits and Audit Appeals;
  6. U.S. Tax Court Litigation; and
  7. All Other Tax Disputes: Identity Theft; Innocent Spouse Relief; unfair IRS collection actions, and more.

Ask Our Tax Attorney in Riverside CA a Question

Why is it important for me to hire a tax attorney?

Taxpayers are busy people. Dealing with the IRS is hard when you have other life responsibilities that take priority. A good tax attorney can help reduce the stress by taking care of your tax case whilst you, the Taxpayer, continue with your daily life. Furthermore, tax attorneys know the tax laws and this allows them to better defend the Taxpayers’ rights when dealing with the IRS and other tax authorities. It’s not a good idea for the Taxpayer to represent themselves in these cases because the IRS and various government agents could take advantage of someone who is not fully aware of their rights in these matters. Let our experienced tax attorney in Riverside CA take care of you

What is an Offer in Compromise?

An Offer in Compromise (“OIC”) is an agreement between the Taxpayer and the IRS where the Taxpayer pays less tax than their current tax liability.

What is the Offer in Compromise process?

We represent the Taxpayer from submission of the OIC (Offer in Compromise) application through to the decision by the OIC agent reviewing the Taxpayer’s application. During this process our attorney will review the Taxpayer’s financial statements to come to a better understanding of the Taxpayer’s ability to present an offer. Once an offer is submitted, the OIC agents review the application and make a decision on whether the Taxpayer must full pay, pay less than the amount owed but more than what is offered, or accept the Taxpayer’s offer outright.

How Do I know if I am eligible to send an offer in compromise application?

Our free initial consultation with the Taxpayer is designed to provide us with a better understanding of their financial situation and current tax account, and what those matters mean for an OIC application. If we believe the Taxpayer is very unlikely to have an offer accepted, we will not take the case. However, in such cases we provide other options that will help minimize their tax burden from the IRS.

Are there other ways to minimize my tax liability besides an Offer in Compromise?

Yes there are. If the account has penalties we may try a penalty abatement in order to remove the penalties on the Taxpayer’s account. For this to be successful, the Taxpayer must show “reasonable cause” why these penalties should be removed. We will discuss these with the Taxpayer in our initial consultation. Other ways to minimize tax liabilities are through amending returns and opening a closed audit (Audit Reconsideration).

What can I do with liens, levies and garnishments?

When the IRS submits levies or garnishments the Taxpayer must contact the IRS immediately. We will gladly act for the Taxpayer in such situations. We have successfully had garnishments and levies removed but time is critical. With respect to liens, there are ways to have liens removed from the County recorder and also your credit report via other types of applications.

I just received an audit letter, what do I do and what is the process?

Contact the government contact listed on the letter straight away and ask for more time to respond. Vargas Law represents Taxpayers at all stages of audits. It’s important to hire an attorney for this because some of the information requested by the IRS could reveal more issues leading to further tax liability for the Taxpayer. We offer a consultation to discuss your audit matter.

I received a letter stating that I have to petition the U.S. Tax Court, what do I do?

A Taxpayer can only petition the US Tax Court when they’ve received a Notice of Deficiency or, in some cases, a Notice of Determination. A petition to the Tax Court is the Taxpayer’s last option before the assessment is finalized. It’s important that the Taxpayer have a tax attorney review the notice and determine the best strategy in Tax Court. We cannot stress this highly enough – a Taxpayer faces an uphill battle if they decide to represent themselves before IRS Counsel or the US Tax Court judge. Please contact us at our Riverside County office for a consultation to help you with your US Tax Court Petition.